In the book, Pastor Johnson cries out to God because he feels so inadequate for the task of guiding the Lord's people. He struggles at times but in his heart he wants to do the Lord's will. It takes a near melt down of one his church members to help him learn a valuable ministry lesson!

We often struggle alone and that, all by itself,  can lead to spiritual fatigue and a bona fide "Postal Moment!" Later, we regret our moment of "crazy" but wouldn't it be great to get help before "crazy" shows up?!

Minister Aric Johnson and I pray this story will lend some insight to getting through the Postal Moments of life and give you a chuckle or two!  

The book doesn't compare to hearing Minister Johnson share his own postal experiences in person but I think you'll get the point! It's his experiences and pastoral wisdom that give life to this story! 


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Help Lord! I Feel A Postal Moment Coming On!
The inspiration behind it all!
Minister Aric Johnson
eBook - $10.00